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Salon Emowerment Program


This program was put in place because of the desires of my heart wanted to see you succeed and fulfill your dreams. I have a personal passion when it comes to witnessing "joy rising" in myself and others.



I have been an owner of a few salons and have made many mistakes. In life you go through things for many reasons:

An examination of you

To be lead in the right direction

To be disciplined

To be shielded from harm

To be refined and improved

To go through so you can testify and share

Among so much more


One that stood out to me is to be a blessing to someone else. Often times we wonder why we are going through. Some times we have prayed to be used by God. Your testimony is a blessing for someone. And for me, this is my blessing to you.


I have put together this program to help others I have come through and would like to see you do the same.

This is a hands on step by step guidance for succession of your salon. There are programs like:



Secret Shopper

Social Media

Product knowledge and selection



Interior Decorating

Web Development



 What you need to get started is a payment of 50.00 This is for a consultation via phone, web or in person. We will sit down and discuss what your needs are. From there reccommendations will be given to you and we can begin our journey. 

Our journey never ends. We have services to carry you through as you grow. 

Fill out this  contact form. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours




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